Create your ultimate Tommys Margarita

Posted on Mon, 6 Jun 2016

Ever been to a bar and wished you could switch up the ingredients a bit? Give it a bit of a twist and make it just how you like it?  

Well now you have the chance to invent your own mouth-wateringly good Tommy’s Margarita here at El Topo Mexican on Level 3 of the Eastern. 

The traditional Margarita is a delicious, tangy, tasty tequila cocktail born out of Mexico. The Tommy’s Margarita, is probably the reason why the margarita is so damn popular these days, seen on cocktail menus the world over.

It is said that the Tommy’s Margarita was invented by Tequila baron, Julio Bermejo at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco in the 1940’s. The main difference between this recipe and the regular margarita, is the use of Agave Nectar instead of orange liqueur.

And now thanks to Herradura Tequila (one of the best tequilas in the world), here are the three steps to creating your ultimate Tommy's margarita and reaching Margarita heaven.

  1. Select your preferred expression of Herradura Tequila
    • Plata – sweet, mild cooked agave with a touch of oak (45 days in oak)
    • Reposado – smooth with sweet notes of cooked agave, vanilla, butter and dried fruit (11 months in oak)
    • Anejo – smooth with cooked agave, notes of dried fruit and toasted oak (24 months in oak)
  2. Next choose your serving preference: On the Rocks or Straight Up
  3. Finally, choose from our range of artisan salt rims – Red Hawaiian, Black Lava, Chardonnay Oak Smoked, Sriracha, or Habanero Heat. These not only look incredible (perfect for insti) but they also taste amazing as well! 

Choices, choices, choices.

Imagine the possibilities!? 


Some come and try some top shelf tequila at El Topo Mexican’s beautiful Rooftop Bar and get creative.

Available for a limited time only!

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