El Topo Chili Eating Competition

How hot can you handle?

Register now to compete in the El Topo Chili Eating Competition, taking place Cinco de Mayo (5th May) at 7:30pm. The competition starts out mild before quickly climbing the scoville scale to some of the hottest chilies in the world! Last man or woman standing will receive a fantastic prize from our sponsors and a $250 gift voucher to The Eastern!

To register, simply email your name and contact number to sonyab@theeastern.com.au and write 'Chilli Master' in the subject.


1. Eat each, and every chilli down to the stalk. When finished hold the stalks in the air. If there is any left after the allotted time, the contestant will be disqualified.

2. If a contestant spits out, or regurgitates, any of their chillies, they will be disqualified.

3. Each contestant has a glass of Milk in front of the; Milk kills the heat. Should  any contestant take a sip of either the milk, or any other drink, they will be disqualified!

4. Time to eat is 30 seconds. Any longer and the contestant is disqualified!

5. With each round the chillies get hotter and hotter!

6. The last man or woman left will be declared the winner. 


El Topo Mexican


500 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction, 2022
Sydney, Australia

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